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hi everyone,

im new to this site im also a new prarie dog owner i did some research when i got him but one thing i couldnt find is how to train my new PD he is pretty young and plan on getting him neuterd soon i just got him 3 days ago hes nice for the most part but at times he can bite for instance when i let him out of the cage he likes to roam around and explore but if i try to grab him and hold him **** bite till i let him down again so he can keep on exploring and also i gave him some sweet potatoe and put my hand close to him he turned his bak to me as if trying to keep me from taking the sweet potatoe away while hes eating it and if i put my hand rlly close **** attack it is that normal i just dont want him to get in the habbit of biting to get his way thanks
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