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Another glaring difference from normal theft and identity theft is that in the former what is unlawfully taken something that is tangible. What is taken is something that generally can be seen by the naked eye. Take for instance, Simon's money; such money is taken away from him. Said money is something tangible and something that can be seen by the naked eye. Generally, he will immediately notice that his money is missing or that a certain amount is missing. On the other hand, when his identity is taken from him, what is taken is not something tangible but something virtual. Simon will not know immediately that his identity was taken from him. Unfortunately,, more often that not, Simon will only learn that his identity was taken from him when someone collects or demands something from him in exchange for things/financial schemes that he did not assent to.
How is identity theft conducted? How is identity stolen? Well, there are websites that in exchange for alleged services require one to provide his or her personal information, ranging from ones name, birth date, age, birth place, address, parents' names, spouse's name (if applicable), siblings' names (if applicable), offsprings' names (if applicable), social security number, employment record, credit record, credit card number,Youth Jerseys, etc. There are websites, though not all, who merely act as front for these illegal activities,Bottega Veneta Bags. Once all these information are obtained, those behind the website will utilize this information to apply for loans, credit cards, or even use ones credit cards for purchases in the internet,Nike New York Giants Jerseys Store. The offended will only realize the damage when his credit card statement comes in,, when certain agents collect or demand payment from him.
Identity theft is also conducted by accessing other people's online bank accounts. How can these be done when there are passwords for these? Well,Sale Nike NY Jerseys, there are soft wares through which one can obtain the passwords of other individuals. It is through these soft wares and schemes by which identity theft is also conducted.
So how can identity theft be battled? It can be combated through soft wares that counter the soft wares that are utilized to steal identities. Examples of these soft wares are those soft wares that help detect whether or not a particular website has spy ware, meaning whether or not such website is merely a front for obtaining valued personal information. An example also is a software that blocks off or sort of firewalls hackers from accessing one's personal computer and ones files. Another example is a soft ware, which safeguards one password in ones computer. This soft ware makes sure that ones passwords are protected and that ones passwords cannot be hacked or used by other users. Through the above measures, some of the schemes by which identity theft is conducted can be avoided.
These soft wares are not free however for an amount one can be guaranteed protection of identity. This is truly value for ones money and there can be no other more valuable investment than an investment that guarantees protection from theft of ones intangible and virtual properties.
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