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Hurt paw(possibly broken leg?)

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I've got 2 chins both born in may a couple weeks apart. The younger of the two, Sam, caught his front paw between two bars at the bottom of the door to his cage and twisted his paw and/or leg around as he was jumping in from my girlfriend's hand. He hasn't used his paw since and it's been about 3-4 hours. He's still hopping around his cage and eating and seems fine ,although he's obviously less energetic This could be due to the extended playtime he had before going back in. He pulls away when I touch his paw to try and check it and wont use it at all. Is there a large possibility it's broken or dislocated? Should I see if it's doing better in a day or two before taking him for x-rays or is it imperative to his health that he goes now?
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if you fear that his leg is broken or that he maybe hurt i strongerly suggest that you bring him to a vet asap.
something like this could be detrimental to his health and well being. Imagine being in someone's care where you hurt your wrist or ankle and your care taker decided to wait it out and see how you felt? And you had no other way to express the tremendous pain and discomfort? From what I know of chinchilla's they are quite active little things. I would waste NO time in fixing him up. Hopefully it's just a sprain that anti-inflammatory medication will heal up. Prolonged exposure to pain in many little rodents = stress. Stress= weakened immunity.. Have him looked at.
Chinchillas are very sensitive....hope he is okay. Has he seen the vet yet?
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