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hypo allergenic dogs

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Hi everyone Miranda here. Wanted to ask all about the "hypo allergenic" dogs. Though I know there really is no such thing, some are better than others, but for an allergy sufferer like my father, I'm looking to find him a med. - large size hypo dog that does not shed like a lab. Does anybody have any experience with labradoodles, or Goldendoodles? Let me know if you know of any other type of hypo dog that fits this category? Thanks.
btw - I own to chocolate labs, and they are constantly shedding, so that breed simply will not work with my father.
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is he allergic to the hair or dander?

giant schnauzers and giant schnauzer mixes could fit standard poodle puli are also less shedding.
Well, I've found that people are allergic to different breeds so he might want to try meeting a bunch.

What else does he want in a dog? I would avoid "doodles" because I've actually met some that shed--I'm guessing they got more of the other parents' genes or something! It's also nearly impossible to find a decent breeder since they aren't purebred. Anyone breeding healthy, champion poodles is not going to sell their dogs to a "doodle" breeder, after all.

I'd look into Poodles, they're awesome dogs. Very fun and easy to train. Schnauzers could work but they have VERY different temperaments than the Labradors you're used to. Many of the terriers have wirey coats that don't set off allergies as much but again, very different than Labradors.

I would not get a Puli. I know Kendalle meant well because they don't shed much but that's because they have a corded coat that takes daily, difficult maintenance. Think hours a day plus days before it dries out after a bath. They are also not an easy breed to have as a "pet" and I've been told they're territorial and tricky to train. Overall, I would not recommend the Puli to any but the most dedicated folks who know they love the breed and have groomed them.

It might even be worth a shot to go a local shelter and have your father handle some of the dogs. There might even be a mystery mutt who doesn't set off his allergies :). My mom is severely allergic to cats but the occasional cat is just never know.
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He should meet and interact with a labradoodle in person to see if he has an allergic reaction to the breed before you decide for sure to get one.
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