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Unfortunately Baby Girl has not gotten any better. Well I did find medication for her ears and her itching is gone, but the past few days she really has gone down hill. I know it is old age, I refuse to take her to the vet to have them tell me she needs to be put down, although she is in no pain. She just wants to sleep with me....she "whines" every once in awhile when I move her. She just sleeps, she is still eating every once in awhile, just very slow, when I put her in her separate cage she tumbles over to me to cuddle, every time. She is very fragile and acts and looks just like new born baby degus, just tired and frail. I was very upset earlier in the day, but when she passes she will be with her brother and adopted baby she never was able to have. She really does not want to be around the other three degus, they rub up to her and make noises but that is about it. She is having a hard time walking now, her heart races then slows down, back and forth. She only wants to be with a human and be cuddled and warmed. She is oh so very sweet. This is very upsetting, but unlike my other two degus she is passing of old age, and not from becoming paralyzed or genetics at a young age. As long as she isn't suffering... I would rather her be with me than stuck in her cage. So she goes everywhere with me, including class, because all she does is sleep. She has lived a wonderful life. She is five yrs old and diabetic, she has lived through it all. She was so domesticated. She was always wanting to be around people and get treats. Oh how I will miss her :(

I just wanted to give out an update on her. And to all those fellow degu angels out there, you will soon be meeting one crazy goo :angel:
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