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It's too bad this upsets you so much.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of "bad" things, whatever your definition of bad may be.

I would encourage you to just shrug it off. You can't be the internet police, nor would you really want to. Freedom of speech allows quite a bit of nasty stuff out there. If you find things you don't like, ...don't read them, and don't go back. Reactions like yours are what these people feed on. The best thing you can do is ignore them and allow them just fade away on their own. By posting here, or anywhere, you are just doing advertising for them, and increasing their number of hits as people go there. It reinforces them and gives them the psychological boost that losers like that need.

Again, I'm sorry you're upset, but getting all bent and complaining on another public forum doesn't really help, it hurts.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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