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I Did It! I Pulled a Horse Trailer For the First Time!

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Since I am taking Sky back tomorrow, I decided that I needed to practice today with the horse trailer. I was going through some major stress about pulling it and to get over fear, I decided that I needed to tackle it head-on. Michael, my 11 year old and I went out this morning and we hooked it up all by ourselves! I think we did it faster than when my husband and I do it (and without all of the yelling!) :lol: I can never get it right with the backing up with my husband. hee hee. But, with Michael, there was no stress. We just took our time. And, then we took our time learning to pull it around. I practiced backing, turning, starting and stopping. I feel so much better about tomorrow. I even put on my own license plate holder. It didn't come with one, so, I had to drill my own holes and everything. Another major accomplishment for me. I got a license plate holder last night that lets you make your own saying on it and mine says . . . "I LOVE MY PAINT HORSE!" I will try to get a picture of it before I take the trailer back. Well, just thought I would share. Wish me luck taking Sky back tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a bit different with a horse back there tomorrow. But, I am leaving early in the morning so I can miss traffic and so that it will be cool for Sky. But, hey, I got over ONE MAJOR anxiety worry today, I know I can do tomorrow! Hee hee. >^..^<
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Good job :thumbsup: and good luck!! Let us know how it goes :)
wow that's great! I'd totally be spooked to drive with such a big trailer! well done :)
Way to go girl!!! i knew you could do it :)
Good luck hun you will do fine :p
You put all them men to shame HEHE!
Hee Hee, Thanks everyone! I have been so excited, I've been on the computer telling all of my horsey friends all about it all day! LOL I just hope that tomorrow goes as well. I'm thinking good thoughts.
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Yay! Congrats! Im only 14 1/2 and cant wait to drive but hauling something that big around sounds down-right frightening! lol And especially with your baby in the back! lol
Today I Drove With the Horse in the Trailer!

I did it! I loaded the horse in the trailer all by myself, (asked for a little help on how to correctly tie her) but other than that, I did it all by myself! And, I drove her out of town, about 60 miles away all by myself! Well, I had company in the truck with me, but I did the driving. It went well. She got there without a scratch. I was so relieved. That darned mare, the whole time I had her, she played hard to get, always running from me when I tried to catch her, kicked out at me when I tried to clean her back feet and you know what she did when I tried to leave her? She looked at me and whinnied at me! Yeah, go figure! She was tied up at the post and I was walking to my truck, and she turns around and starts calling to me, not once, but continually. Talk about make me feel bad! She must have had some feelings for me after all. But, it was for the best. She will find someone who will love her. Geez, did she have to play the guilt trip? Maybe she was just saying good bye?
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lol aww what a sweet horse :) I'm glad your trip went well, I knew you'd be able to drive that trailer without a hitch (haha pun intended)
:roflmao: mulder, you silly!
Glad things went well hun !!
Im sure she was just saying goodbye :)
big claps for mizkity :D xx
Nice job Charlene!!!!! hehe I remember the first time I pulled a trailer.... Kind of lol they all blend together after a while lol. I've gotten really good at backing because dad would never back the trailer for me so I can back into almost anything. I wont lie I do get stuck sometimes >.<
Good job! :thumbsup: It's not so scary once you get the hang of it. My mom taught me how to drive and back up my trailer when I was 14. Yes, I owned a horse trailer and drove when I was 14! :lol: (I still have that's about 35 years old now and still in decent shape.) One of the benefits of living out in the middle of no where in a farming community is the low risk of getting caught driving with a horse trailer when you're under age. Of course, that was years ago and not as big of a deal as it is now.
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