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A little bit of a sappy moment. So as I'm sitting here on the chair browsing the net, I usually sit with my ankles crossed and stretched out. And Blitzen is rolling around on the floor, trying to grab his tail. And then he wraps his 2 front paws around my legs and puts his head down on my thighs and closes his eyes! I think he's sleeping but not too sure because it's only been like 10 min and I'm DYING for a camera. But I don't want to get up cuz he looks SO peaceful. As much as he makes me mad & stresses me out a lot, I can't imagine not having him or giving him away. The good moments outweigh the bad times that we go through each day. I just gotta say that I love my puppy and he completes my little fam! ♥
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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