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Hey guys, I'm in desperate need of some advice right now.

I recently got two new ferrets from a lady who had no time for them. An considering I'm next to always home my big tubby bubby male ferret Odin always gets out, I thought they would be perfect here.
But as I'm finding out, they are **** with fur.
They bite at any given oppurtunity, poop all over the place, don't respond to any holding them by their scruff an saying "no!" .
I've been putting them in their litter box the moment they wake up, an I've place two extra litter box's around the house so I'm not stepping in anything....An I believe they're making Odin sick.
He's about 5 or so, an super sweet, I love him to death :adore::hug3:.
I know that when a ferret is stressed their stool becomes liquid pretty much, but is it suppose to be green?
I'm starting to think that the lady gave me sick an misbehaved ferrets.. She said she's had them for two years.
How am I suppose to change this around?
Odin's stool was fine for about three days they were here, now it's gone green, he's hiding himself in things like my computer desk * yes, ferrets are curious, but this is out of Odin's habits, he NEVER hides in my computer desk*
I worry for Odin more then I do Freya 'n' Sifa *the two new females*
They are about 2 , Where as Odin's older.
Someone help please, I worry for Odin :worry: an I'm at my breaking point with these two new terrors :letdown:

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but Odin is the *cream* coloured male, an Sifa is the *raccoon* faced female, an Freya is the *white* female.
Freya an Sifa are also sisters.



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Get all three to a vet asap just to make sure! Then did you slowly introduce them to each other or put them together right away? It could be stress. Gunny was hard to train with a litter box but maybe they aren't used to being out so they just go anywhere. I wouldn't let the females run around in big areas until they can handle the litter boxes in smaller areas like a bathroom (easy to clean too). But definately take all three to a vet if you're worried.

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Thanks guys, I'll definitely being keep an eye out to see if it gets worse, an I guess I did mess up. I did introduce them as soon as they got home. So perhaps it is stress on both parties. Odin seems to being way better today, hes back to his old antics :D
But I thank you mostly on the small area idea, I had no clue on what I was going to do with them. These are my first other ferrets other then Odin... *pardon my grammar*
Maybe I'll be such a great ferret parent that I'll soon become a crazy ferret lady :crylaugh:

Thank You Again Though. :wavey:

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I would definitely separate them. Odin might have contracted something off the females. Do some research in ferret behavior. Google that up, I have nothing on ferret :/
The lady might have just dumped them on you to rid herself of them. They will need work but in time I'm sure you can fix them up :)

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You did say that the lady said she had no time for them. Unforunatly, this is the result of Ferret neglect. I had a Ferret a few years back that I got from a guy who bought him for his 5 year old. She never let him out of his cage and was always gone. Leaving Abu alone. Also, come to find out he was deaf.
I eventually rehomed him to a family that knew alot about troubled pets. He was too much for me, he hated my other Ferrets, screamed whenever I touched him, and was just the saddest thing. He did not even know how to play.
If you do choose to keep them, they will be alot of work. But I am sure they will be worth it. :)
And yes, as the others before me said. Take them all to the vet to make sure they are healthy. And perhaps a illness is causing your females to poop everywhere. My Frodo, when he was sick, pooped and peed all over the place.
Good luck.
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