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I need help!!!

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Hey everyone! I want to start a nationwide animal rescue. Like the ASPCA and HSUS. I want it to be mainly all volunteer based and foster homes. I don't believe in keeping dogs/cats in cages. If anyone is interested in helping me, please reply to this or send me a message. Thanks everyone!
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This might be helpful but you may want to write where your located and what locations you where thinking to let the fosters be fostered at, also how you plan to get htem there.
you could just work with a rescue already there, they are always needing foster homes, and transport, and funding.
I agree with the above. I plan on starting one too but helping at the ground level doesn't hurt. Then when you get enough money, start pulling animals from high volume shelters and such.
Sounds like a very valid plan, but maybe start small. Most local shelters / rescue homes are overstretched and always looking for volunteers to take some animals. Build reputation and experience that way and then look to start taking in animals independently. It all comes down to raising funds in the end so work on that from the start.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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