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I think Piper is going to pass away very soon

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She acting very strange. I know I was to expect it soon, but I'm freaking out. Cause she is one of my babies. I was really hoping I would get the chance to spend more time with her. I honestly do not think she will make it through the night. I love my baby girl.
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This is a new thread so I don't have a reference for the other posts on what was wrong with Piper? Can you refresh us on what is wrong with her? I am so sorry about this. :(
Piper has 3 cancer lumps. The first one appeared in mid January on her left side. I immediately took her to the vet, they found out it was cancerous and gave me medication for her. I think the medication stopped the growth of that first tumor, or it grew as big as it was going to get. The second one showed up a week after just a little itty bitty thing by her back paw on the right side. never got any bigger. Then she got another lump on her neck (under chin) which started out really small and grew a bit over the past few days, but NONE of these lumps phased Piper at all. She still continued to run around, play with her toys, run in her wheel, eat her food and treats and drink her water. and was also going to the bathroom perfectly normal. She was acting fine this morning when I left for work. So i'm not sure when she started acting a little different. I leave home every morning around 330am and come back around 230pm due to my job and the distance i have to drive to get there. I obviously check her every morning since i have to give her the medicine, and then when i get home i have to give her the second dose of her medicine, she was acting fine when i first got home today. All lovey dovey, rubbing on my hand giving me tons of love and vice versa.
Then i put her back in her cage and she started to show the signs, would take her favorite treat, wanted to stay in one place all the time, wouldn't drink, and her tail started getting that slight grey-ish color to it. I feel like she was waiting to see her mommy before she decided to try and go to the Rainbow Bridge.
I made sure I gave her my love and told her I understand that she feels it is her time and that it is okay if she has to go, and that once she goes over the rainbow bridge she will be free of this cancer and be able to see her sister, Kayleigh, who is also now free of her cancer. And that mommy loves her very much and as long as she knows that...that is all that matters.
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She doesn't seem to be in any pain at all, and my vet told me that they prefer to only euthanize a mouse if the mouse can not go on its own. I would rather go and have her put down just incase she is in pain, but the vet was closed once she started showing the signs. If she doesn't pass tonight I will take her to the vet. i just don't want my baby girl suffering cause I love her so very very much.
I am so sorry. I remember now about the tumors. You are a wonderful loving mommy to her and I am sure she knows it every second and every day. You are right, when she is ready to go, she will go, and her sister will be waiting for her with lots of kisses and playing. Keep us posted and give Piper my love too.
Thank you so much Vladina, these forums are the things that make this a little easier. Cause there is support from lovely people like you. I will let Piper know she has some extra love coming her way.
Oh of course! This forum is such a great support place for people with rat and mouse children. We all understand the grief and heartache when things like this happen. Our fur babies are indeed just as special and important to us as any other child. This forum helped me so much when my two rat boys passed away. I am glad you are giving Piper some extra love from me. Let us all know how she does, okay?
Short update: she wouldn't walk over to the food dish but I offered her a sunflower seed and she took it, so atleast she ate something small. She is moving around a bit, but not much at all. I'm heading to bed now, I will give updates before I leave for work in the morning, if there are any changes at all.
The cats are worried, they know something is wrong. Abegale normally lays on the top of Pipers cage and just watches over her (never once has she swatted or tried anything bad towards Piper) I consider them bffs. This is gonna be hard on abbey :( piper always "taunted" abbey making her respond with high pitch meows. Piper always climed up the waterbottle and poked at abbey through the hard mesh top, it was always so great to watch :) . Nothing like the mouse tormenting the cat
Aww, sounds like your cats are very fond of Piper in their own special cat buddy way. :)
Okay its 342am and Piper is out and about her cage but not moving as much as normal. She is not looking the greatest, I'm scared she will pass while I'm at work. She did drink some more water sometime between last night and now and it looks like she ate all the seeds I gave her and ate her treat. I'm praying she will still be here when I get home tonight. I wanna be able to say goodbye properly. She let me pick her up and give her lovings this morning, she loves her face and chin being rubbed.
I hope so much that she will be okay. I know you want to be there for her and it is hard to have to leave to go to work. :(
Update: Piper is very much alive. She is still acting a little off, and as I said I know she will pass when it is her time but she was just running on her wheel and then ran over and picked up a pumpkin seed and devoured it. She was not like this at all last night. Maybe its a good sign...maybe not. But I know right now she seems happy, yet sad. She has proven me wrong, I honestly thought she would've passed away within 24hrs. But she has made it pass that mark.
I still feel her time is coming very soon, and I really wish it was not. Although I have many pets, its always my mice that put thhat certain smile on my face. I love you Piper
Well spend as much time with her as you can and enjoy every minute with her. I am sure you are.
Update: Piper is still alive and although she isn't getting any better, she also has not gotten any worse. I keep an eye on her daily and I know eventually she will have to go, but for now she is a fighter. She is very strong :)
Although I have noticed her having issues holding onto her food, due to to lump in her neck but she seems to always find a way to get it situated so she can eat. She usually keeps her righht paw on the ground and uses her left paw and the ground to hold her food in the position she needs.
I'll be honest I am in shock that she is still here with me. Love my little girl <3
That is great news and I am so glad to hear Piper is adapting to eating with her new one paw method. :)
Enjoy every second with her, as I am sure you are!
Piper has been strong for a long while now, and she did adapt well to how she had to change her ways due to having her tumors. And although she has held on, I fear she has no more strength left in her. As the days go by she acts less and less like her normal self. But atleast she knows she has a loving family who adore her...and that i s what matters.
My little girl is very strong and I'm honestly suprised she has held on this long. Love you Piper <3
Is Piper doing okay or is her quality of life diminished? Have you taken her to the vet to see if she is in pain or suffering? I hope she is doing okay?
I'm sorry I have not been on in a while Piper passed away on March 29th. She held on long enough for me to come back upstairs. I went in to the room, she jumped right into my hand, and she let me give her lovings and rub her chin like she always enjoyed I told her I loved her, and i kissed her face, then sat her down. I was reaching to get her a treat and all of a sudden she fell over, I thought she just lost her balance cause she strated to crawl onto her toy block before she fell, so i picked her up then sat her back down and she fell over and looked as if she was having a seizure. i freaked out and started bawling. She was my baby girl. she was active all the way up to her last moments. I will never forget my fighter she was so strong. she will be misses. And my lovely Figaro (cat) misses her. After I cleaned out her cage she would sit next to it and look at me like where is my buddy. It always made me cry.

I did recently buy 4 more mice and a rat. Figaro tries to talk to them, but they want nothing to do with him for obvious reasons. Piper just saw no difference with him and her, she loved him and he loved her. it was too sweet.
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I am so sorry about Piper. :(
It is always so very hard to lose our little furry babies. I know Piper is very happy where she is right now and having wonderful fun and treats with all of her furry friends at the Bridge. I am so sorry to hear also that Figaro misses her. Poor baby.

You said you got 4 new mice and a rat, does the rat have a buddy to live with? I was hoping so since rats need to have a friend to live with or they get very depressed. Hang in there and I hope all is well with your new kids.
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