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I think that could possibly work but yeah, you're going to need to be on top of water changes and testing. Invest in a good test kit (not the strips) and a siphon that's easy for you to use (so you won't want to put off water changes, haha).

I would add the frogs first and wait for the tank to be totally stable before you add the axolotl. As you know, they're pretty sensitive to ammonia. Before you get the axolotl also make sure you've found a way to keep the tank consistently cool. The frogs can tolerate temperature spikes but axolotls have shorter lifespans in warm water. Depending on the temperature of your house that could mean needing a chiller or at least a fan in the summer. One other thing you can do to "prepare" for an axolotl: get your food cultures ready ahead of time. For any animal that needs uncommon live foods, you want to get practice first :). Don't do what I did with my first newts...I got blackworms the day I bought my newts. And promptly killed them (by accident, of course) :lol:.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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