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How to delete files in a very directory by using DOS if the actual file name is not identified

You need the file title to delete an individual record within the directory.

If you have on know the name of the report to trash north face clearance, but do know the files you want to hold, you can use DEL [drive:][path]wildcard or first file name[/P]. That will prompt you to confirm each deletion within the directory before moving to a higher file and asking yet again. That way at least, you can say No to files you know you want to continue to keep.

If you unconcerned with all of the records in the directory, you could use delete within the directory and specify a wildcard in the place of a file brand. That will delete the complete items in that directory north face outlet. You could also delete by atrib, if the files you want to target have the same attributes within the directory.

That about almost all I can think of at the moment which may do what it is you wondering, It been awhile since I was in a DOS only setting. :)

When trying to delete the files on my Logik MP3 or even open it through my computer it tells me the file or directory is corrupt can anybody tell me generate income delete this ? Is there any way round it?

My area drive is full. We clean up the waste but it never gives me more than 100mb with space. I access the add/delete documents page and only have a least of programmes installed that will actually not fill the local commute so much. Hoe do i free the space?
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