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Im new here to all forums

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ive just joined and already love it it helps a lot :rolleyes:
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I'm new as well but have found everyone here very friendly and welcoming.. and a good place to share stories and photos and advice.
Ah a proper introduction :) Welcome Lionhead!

I assume your rabbit is a liohead then? He's sweet. There are many people here to help you with your rabbit and dog. The third pic in your signature, what is that?? A tortoise? Your little friends are precious. How about introducing them all? Tell us their names and how long you've had them. Tell us their favorite things to do, eat. Any quirks. We're all here because we love animals :D

**NVM I just read the names and yrs of your pets. A tortoise is cool!! I used to have RES turts but had to re-home due to a spinal thing :( It was hard and I miss them.
ya thats a toirtoise we keep a kitchen glove in there so he can get in a stay warm juring hibernation and in general. we named him dash because even if hes a tortoise he is sooo fast its really weird all my pets are boys ive also got about 12 fish outside ina pond snowie's favourite snack is pigs ears as you can tell in the picture teddy's are strawberries although too much are bad for him and dash loves cucumber peels teddy (my bunny) is a lionhead but a mainless one the dog is a samoyed huskey and the tortoise is a russian one all the ages are not exact exept the dogs its very hard to beleive that dash will live longer than me oh and ps thanks for the welcome :p
:) Neat! I never had a tort but he seems to like that glove :D
what's this about your tortoise living longer than you?! :) welcome
Tortoises live quite long. Like most parrots you need to prepare long term for them once you're not around. My neighbor has an Amazon parrot which is about 30-35 yrs old she wrote him up in her will
Welcome to the forum!

Samoyeds are great dogs. Very beautiful too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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