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I'm on the list

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After Roo passed away in August I seriously wondered if I'd get rats again. It's so hard. They are so full of life and make you love them so quickly, yet their lives are so short. This time was especially hard and I had my vet crying with me.

We buried her out back and found the perfect little marker:

But here it is mid October and I feel so lonely without them. I got in contact with the breeder I'm going through and got on the list for 3 boys. I'm super excited though and I hope everything goes well for the pregnant girls (and that they have at least 3 boys) so that I can have my three new editions soon.
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That's such a sweet marker.

And I'm so happy for you Ratchilla. This is the maddening part of it all, this wait list. I'm fine until the babies are pending and I'm stalking the breeder web site every day for news and pictures.

We'll be waiting and watching with you!
I know, the thing weights about 10lbs too! It isn't going anywhere.

I've been stalking, I'm trying to be good. I'm trying not to get my hopes up either as it isn't a guarantee.

Is Devon a BR blaze? He looks awesome but I can't get a great idea since the picture is smaller.
When I got my first three boys, I was expecting to bring them home around October. As it turned out, two paired breedings in a row failed, and I ended up requesting a switch to another litter at the last minute and ended up bringing them home in March. I was going nuts by the end of the wait. So I feel your pain. :D

Yah, she is. She's a stunning pretty little girl. :)

She's one of my older girls at around two years old and she has an impressive case of wheelie tail.

My one good shot of her blaze. She's hanging out with her sisters. Darcy (Dumbo RB), and Zanna (Burmese). She also shares a cage with a little black tilty headed girl named Black Aggie.
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What a beautiful ratty memorial statue! I just love it. :)

Where did you find it?

Story, your babies are sooo precious! Darcy looks just like my Klausse. *sniff*
Thanks, Vlad. It was at TJMaxx of all places and the only time I've ever come across a rat sculpture. A pretty good one at that. It's made out of like wrought iron or something and is pretty substantial. It makes me smile and think of her every time I see it now.

Story, your girls are adorable. Oh my goodness. Devon is stealing my heart, lol. When I talked to the breeder and she asked me what I like, I told her RB's and blazes. ;) That Burmese is quite pretty though.

Unfortunately and I don't know if you saw, she lost all but one in the litter born today. I feel so sad for her. That would be hard. :(
Amazing really, what you find at TJMaxx. LOL

And yeah, I call my girls the "Skittle Girls" because of the variety of candy color on them. I came home with five of them pseudo-unplanned as a favor to my friend who breeds: She developed life threatening health issues to her rats. She has cut way back on her in house number, and planned breedings (she was working with something like four separate lines and is now working just with one). She's hoping this and other measures will be enough to continue doing what she loves, but I was happy to help her out by taking her retirees and culls(pet onlys). The three girls in the pics had been living in pampered retirement with her until her health issues became a problem. My other two girls were neglect related surrenders as per her no questions asked adoption surrender policy. One so obese she couldn't easily walk, and the other with a trauma related head tilt.

I had to cringe a little for you about this litter. No I didn't see where you'd posted about them. I'm so sorry for you and her. We never really know. We can plan and plan but it's always kind of a miracle when things go well. My original rat boys lost their mother when she and her second litter died in emergency surgery. She was a tough loss. And of course, I told you about what was ultimately a year long wait for my first boys. In the end the wait makes makes the babies you do take home all the sweeter. :)
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