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I'm sick of this! HELP!!

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Okay, I know my gerbil now has a broken tooth and I just want answers!!! Cherry isn't eating at all, nor going to the bathroom. Ever since I found this out I'VE BEEN GOING INSANE!!!! Please, can someone tell me what I can feed her and how I can feed her. PLEASE!!!
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perhaps baby food? either have her lick it off a spoon or use a syringe.
is her tooth completely broken or just a little chipped? if it's just chipped, she might be okay and learn to adapt to it. be sure to give us an update!
I would take her to a vet. Good luck!

Vet is the best idea, but i would try something soft and delicious that can simply be kinda licked.
Porridge or something very simular would be ok.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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