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I'm so angry!

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I tried to be a responsible pet owner and got Saphira spayed last Friday. Now her incision is infected, they think she's having an allergic reaction to the sutures and her belly is bloated like there's internal bleeding. I took her back to the vet today and they wanted to open her back up, but then in the next breath said they'd just do an antibiotic injection and some ointment. I'm heated! I'm probably going to call into work tomorrow so I can take her to the vet... a different one.
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aww i hope she gets better
I can understand being angry. After my Neko was spayed she developed a lump under the incision. I was so scared. I rushed her to a vet that I don't use. They assured me that it was nothing. And gave her anti-biotics to take care of it. I of course took her to my usual vet the next day. They did some tests, everything was fine. Just a little inflamation. No there was no point to me saying all of this.

I digress, take her to the vet tomorrow, ask them to run some tests before they do anything major. Blood, urine, the usual. It could save a lot of time and money. I hope you're babies okay!
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