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As you all may have heard by now, Ferrets Unlimited
shelter, operated by Jean Caputo, is sadly closing
it's doors due to tight funds. There are 37 ferrets
presently at the shelter. After the many wonderful
years that Jean's shelter has been helping ferrets in
need and the ferret community, we'd like to ask for
your assistance in helping her.
How can you help?
If you are looking to adopt, please contact Jean.
Jean will be updating the website soon with a list of
all ferrets that are available. If you are a shelter
that has some extra space, please think about taking
some of these babies in. The thing we need right now,
however, is donations to help pay for ADV testing
before these furbabies are transported to their
forever homes or other shelters. Your donations will
also help pay for much needed surgeries for a few that
need them. Ferrets Across America will be assisting
with the transport and placement of these babies.
This is a very difficult and heart breaking decision
for Jean, so if you can find it within your heart to
help, please do. PayPal donations can be made through
the link on her web site

If you would like to donate, but not through PayPal,
you can contact Jean at [email protected] or (216)749-3885
or snail mail her at
4116 Bucyrus Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Ferrets Unlimited is a 501c3(non profit) shelter.
Whatever you can afford to give is greatly
appreciated. *Permission to crosspost this*

Thank you!!
~Nancy Propper

Ferrets Across America
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