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:woot: Imprintable Pets just notified me that they're giving away a free Brag Tag to all visitors of the site for a limited time, just for checking out their selection of items!

Click Here to get yours!! :thumbsup:
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wow thats great, I signed up earlier too, I thin thats very nice of them. :cheer:
I got mine today. It's very cool. I will definitely be ordering some stuff from them.
i got mine today! i love it! i'll take a pic of it later and post it. great!!
I got mine today, it looksreally cool. I think Im going to put it on as a keychain
That looks great, SunnySideUp!
I tried to order a free one, but I don't know what to put for payment method. It's free...
Ilovesmepets said:
I tried to order a free one, but I don't know what to put for payment method. It's free...
LOL, yes, you are right, it is free and we're still trying to find the easiest way for people to get it. The system still wants a payment method even though it's free. Until I figure out a way around that, please just select "Check" for the payment method and then you don't have to fill out any details for that, but it'll get you through the system.

Hope that helps...


Steve Wood
Abbie Road Imprinting, LLC
Thanks for the info!!!! I can't wait to get my freebie and order more.
Ok, just as an update, I fixed this when it asks for payment method when you are ordering the free brag tag, there is an option to choose "Free Brag Tag, no payment required".


Steve Wood
Abbie Road Imprinting, LLC
I got mine yesterday :clap: YAY!!! :clap: tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't turn out so well, rats..... all the same, thank you very much scwood it was very generous of the company to offer such a neat thing.... I'm very happy with my brag tag, and am looking forward to ordering more items in the future ;)
i got mine i love it
I got mine today!

I love it!!!
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I love these Brag Tags... What an awesome idea they are! (I'm wearing Levi's right now. I love being able to wear it everywhere. I only take it off to sleep. lol)

Mr. Wood, I have a question. Would it be possible to put more than just our Pet's name on the Brag Tag? I realize room is limited, but would it be possible? I want to get some Brag Tags made up with AJ's image, name, and his year of birth and year of death on them. Example:

'89 - '04

If not, that's perfectly fine. I thought I'd ask, in case it were possible. :) Either way I'll be having I think three made, because my significant other and his brother both want one as well. (They really liked the one you made of Levi.)

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Hi Roz,

I'm so glad you like the Brag Tags :clap:

Yes, we can imprint more than just the name, like your example (we can do just about anything you want, only limited by the space). That would be no problem whatsoever. In fact, we did do one already like that that was posted earlier:

Oh, and please, call me Steve... :)


Steve Wood
Abbie Road Imprinting, LLC
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Hello Steve! :)

Wish I had paid more attention to that Brag Tag. lol. I mean, I looked at it days ago. Sheesh. :) Thanks for responding! Now to pick out Ajax pics...
I still have to get around to ordering my stuff. I still plan on doing a set of mugs :coffee2:
I was going to get a mug or two but, this house is CRAWLING in mugs. I looked in the cupboard and went, "Whoa. OK, we have enough." :lol:
I know I'm going to be ordering more brag tags and some ornaments for our tree this year.

So many people are impressed with the quality of the tags. I've had more people write down the web address than I can count.

Thank you Mr. Wood for creating such wonderful products! :)
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