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:woot: Imprintable Pets just notified me that they're giving away a free Brag Tag to all visitors of the site for a limited time, just for checking out their selection of items!

Click Here to get yours!! :thumbsup:
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I filled this out a couple of days ago for the free brag tag and also applied to become an affiliate. Each time it said I would recieve a confirmation email. I have still not recieved one on either. Did any of you have a problem getting the email? I used a hotmail email address and have checked the bulk mail folder, nothing there. I don't know if I should redo it or just wait. How long did it take for the rest of you to recieve the confirmation email? I would really like to be able to offer these products on my website.

Moon & Crew
You might use the Contact Us form on the site and ask if they received your information. :)
Good Evening Moon,
Did you check your junk mail on Hotmail? My confirmation e-mail came to my junk mail folder on MSN, because the e-mail address for Imprintable wasn't on my approved e-mail address list yet when it came through. I received the confirmation e-mail within 15mins, and I knew to check under junk mail, because I figured that's where it would go. I then added's e-mail address to my approved e-mail list, so they wouldn't come through as junk mail in the future. I always have all of my junk mail filtered. I hope this helps :)
I ordered one today, I hope I did it right! I went through the upload thing, but it was all a bit confusing!
I'm confused about the ordering. I uploaded the image..and then it asked for my name and I put all of that in but I never received any emails yet...and I registered..but every time I want to upload an image there, it boots me out and I have to log in again.. I'm really confused. How do I go about getting one? I'm registered..but its not working.
Hi Pitbulliest, try Jade's suggest, by going back into the ImprintablePets website and click on "Contact Us" and ask if they received your information. Steve Wood, at the website is pretty good about getting back to us and letting us know what happened if anyone had problems. Good Luck :)
Hi All...just a quick update on Brag Tags...

As Jade mentioned, we had some events happen that made a little mess of things for a while. The most debilitating thing was a major hard drive failure on the computer that held the Brag Tag order information. I've spent the past few weeks attempting to piece things back together and we're finally back to where we can get the Brag Tags out.

The problem right now is matching up all of the images that were sent to us with the correct person who ordered. This is proving difficult in a few instances and I hope you will bear with us as we sort things out. I will be sending some emails out today to those that I need to clarify. The rest of the Brag Tags (and those that I need to clarify and that get back to me right away) will be imprinted and mailed out on Monday.

We appreciate all of the great comments about our Brag Tags and also appreciate the patience from those who are still waiting for theirs.

If you do not receive an email from us clarifying your order or do not receive your Brag Tag in the mail by the end of the week, please contact me right away by visiting our web site at and click on the Contact Us link.

Best regards,

Steve Wood
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