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Inca –The 3-legged Dynamo Fights No More – Nov '09-May 19/12

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Unfortunately since PT is very limited on how many images you can have I haven't been posting my memorials here much.

BUT (stupid me) since our very own Storyseeker created a wikispaces page for my rats and especially my memorials I can share the link so you can have the full memorial :D
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:( So sad to see that Inca has passed, though what an amazing life she had, despite all of her troubles along the way. She was obviously happy with you, and that is what matters most. RIP little girl. :hugg2:
Whoa. Albino. Pretty cool.

actually Inca was a himilayan. A PEW (pink-eyed white) with points.
Oh my goodness. What a fighter she was! Clearly nothing was going to get in the way of living her life to the fullest. What a beautiful girl she was, down right stunning.
RIP Inca <3
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