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hi. new here. i've got a couple questions
i owned rats in the past, so i was actually looking into getting a rat and posted an ad on craigslist for anyone that needed to get rid of them since i didnt want to get any from a store
well instead i got contacted by a lady with a mouse she needed to get rid of. she said she might take him back to the pet store x_x
so i caved and went to look at this mouse, and as soon as i saw him it was terrible. he has scabs all over and his tail is broken halfway with lumps (i think there might be pus in them)
she said her other mice attacked him. i dont think she introduced them right or something. he came to me in a shoe box because "she had nowhere else to keep him separate". he was terrified
i went out and got a cage for him and supplies and when i got home i soaked him in some warm water with plain nonscented soap on his wounds.
is there anything else i should do? hes eating really well but for the wounds should i do anything?
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