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That was so sad, poor little mouse!! :(
I am sure he was scared, the sweet little guy. I am so glad that you took him and are trying to nurse him back to health. Good for you. :)
Well, the warm water and unscented soap is probably a great first step for him, and after that, well, I know there are many people on this forum who are very knowledgeable about home first aid and care for mice, so I am hoping you get some good advice. Can you also consult with a good local small animal vet over the phone for starters to get some tips on trying to heal him up a bit? I am so glad he is eating..that is good sign. What a poor little guy...thank you for being such an angel and taking him. I am sure he feels loved already. :thumbsup:

P.S. Did you give him a name yet?
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