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Injured wild mouse :(

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sorry, i posted this in the rodent forum, and then realised there's a mouse and rat discussion...

basically i want to help this mouse i rescued from my cat over a week ago.

her leg is very swollen and red :(

i don't want to set her free with this impairment as it'll probably mean certain death. i also don't want her to be in pain. i live in the uk and nowhere within 100 miles will help me help this poor little mite, just because she's wild.

any advice please? i heard tetracycline from the fish part of a pet store used as an antibiotic with mice?

i'm a new user so i'm not allowed to post a photo :(

please go to..... (add h t t p : / / at the start, without the spaces)

to see the photo of the poor likkle mite
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Oh my goodness, I am sorry about this poor little mouse. :(
I know there are others on the forum who are much more experienced in dealings with injured wild mice/rats who can advise you on this, but at least I wanted to say that it is so nice that you care about this little one's welfare and I do not blame you for not wanting to set him/her out into the wild while it is injured.

Do you have a local wildlife rehabiliation number or website you can look up to get some solid advice on what you should do that is best for the mouse?

I hope all goes well for this little guy.
thank you vladina. i've been trying to get hold of the nearest wildlife sanctuary (which is too far for me to travel to) but i've had no answer by email and a call just goes to answerphone. my local vet receptionist said they will just put it to sleep, and i'm not one to just throw a life away if it can be helped. if it's best for the mousey then i could understand but it just seems no professional around here is interested in saving her :( she seems ok health-wise other than her leg and is eating and drinking and very cute... i'm crossing my fingers for her!!
Good job trying to contact the local wildlife rehab people! I am just bummed that all you keep getting is voicemail and unreturned emails. How frustrating! What state do you live in?

I am trying to look up the wildlife rehabilitation section of an animal charity/rescue that my husband and I donate to, called Best Friends Animal Society. They are in Kanab, Utah, but I want to check their FAQ page for this kind of situation. You are right, it sounds like no one local seems to want to do much for this mouse, which is not cool. I am glad YOU care though. And I am so relieved that she is drinking and eating, so that is something!

I will check back with you after I find a good link or some info from Best Friends, okay? Hang in there! :)
I found a phone number and email for your questions with this sweet mouse. I copied and pasted it below for you. This is from the wildlife rehab resource page from Best Friends Animal Society. I am sure you will be able to talk to someone fast this way. It is a first rate wildlife rehab and no-kill rescue organization and they are awesome. Hope this helps? Let me know! :)

Wildlife Emergencies and Wildlife Questions?
Wild Friends department [email protected]
or 435-644-2001 x4460
thank you so much for the help vlad, it really is appreciated!! you missed the bit in my post that said i live in the uk :( which i now realise is just utterly AWFUL when it comes to helping little wild critters.

she's still eating and drinking and running around despite the leg, although she keeps stopping to wash it, but other than that seems ok. i'm trying to leave her as much as possible and only disturb her to clean out her house twice a day and put clean food and water in at the same time. she's in a dark quiet room with the door locked so no naughty pusscats can taunt her!

i'll keep trying the rescue centre nearest here but i'll also try further afield just so i can get some professional information.

thanks again, so much!! fingers crossed x
Oh, my bad! I am sorry, I guess I missed the part about you being in the UK! :rolleyes:

But you can still email Best Friends and I am sure they will be most helpful. It sounds like you are doing all you can for this mouse (keeping her in a safe, quiet area and trying to let her be, aside from fresh water and food trips to her house..excellent!)

I am sorry the local folks in your corner of the UK are not being more helpful. That seems so ironic, because I know the UK is known for being big rat and mouse fans, when it comes to pets, that is. Such a shame you are not able to get more help locally.

Let me know what the folks at Best Friends have to say? I am very happy to hear your mouse is eating and drinking though, aside from tending to her poor leg. I will keep my fingers crossed for her. :sneakyhug
Does she let you hold her? Or are you trying to refrain from that? Because if she lets you hold her, you could try soaking her foot in a solution of garlic powder and warm water. Garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, pretty much anti-everything. It just might work. You might also try sprinkling a tiny amount on her food if she doesn't let you hold her.
I suggested on the other post as well but what about calling a vet? Some vets (at least around here) help foster wild baby bunnies and get them ready for the wild. The vets there might be able to help you?
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