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Integrated dog and cat run?

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My in-laws left "junk" aka a wonderful shelf for pool supplies that I'm going to be attaching some wire to and making a cat run!

Husband and I have been thinking about what to do when we move. I really like pretty things and considered making a cat run like Cats of Australia

I don't think this person has dogs as well :hehe:

Luna, Loki, Salem, and Binx like to all crowd around my screen door and sun bathe...playing with each other and such. I wouldn't want to make different runs for each since they're all so close.

I thought about making a similar setup but with a grassy area so the dogs can go to the bathroom. What do you guys think? Also do you think fake grass would be too much of a problem? Dogs will probably venture elsewhere on the future property but we planned on fowls as everyone has to be closed off.
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I tried the fake grass for my dog in this litter box type thing I bought....eeeek! The smell was AWFUL.
haha thanks! Will take that into consideration
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