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Birds are quickly becoming some of the most entertaining and smartest pets to own. They are taking over the internet and the television with tricks of talking, riding, climbing, and contorting. Parrots especially have a very fond place in America's heart. If you own a parrot or any kind of bird you know that they are incredibly smart. Birds tend to become bored with their surroundings, and constantly need new toys and architecture to play with and on. A bird is a great choice when looking for something that will appeal to your pet because of its many sensory aspects.

A bird is designed to intrigue your animal on every level of his senses. The manufacturers develop them to be visually stunning, mechanically captivating, and physically delicious. Many birds cannot see in full color, but those that can love to see the rainbows produced by this toy. The is made of several blocks of differing size, color and composition. The colors are included to make both you and your pet pay more attention to it. There is no reason to have a bland colored wooden contraption when you could have all the colors of the rainbow at your disposal.

This toy is often caped off with little bell at the very bottom which adds to the entire aesthetics. This bell also draws your pet in and encourages play. The sound will help you to interact with your pet as well. Your pet can climb and swing on this toy without fear of it breaking, and every time it does there is a rewarding tinkling sound. Some people even train their pets using the bell on a bird. These toys have many uses and are still basic simple blocks of wood piled together to draw your bird's interest and attention.

A great toy for any bird because it creates horizontal levels as well as vertical spacing, the bird is made to be more than a piece of artwork. Many birds love to give their beaks a work out chewing and nibbling on this toy. Some of the wood of the may be compromised by excessive chewing, but in general the toy will have a long lifespan. That is unless the is comprised of bird seed. Manufacturers are adding bird seed to the wooden layers to encourage play and attention, and this makes this toy irresistible and most desirable.
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