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Introducing a male degu pup to a male adult degu. Any Advice?

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Sadly, One of my degus (Lightning) passed away yesterday at the age of 3 due to a possible stroke, leaving his brother (Crash) on his own. Both of my male degus got on well up until the age of around 6 months then sadly, they started fighting i tried to re-introduce Crash and Lightning a number of times but, although they sometimes spent the odd night together, snuggled up in the hay, they always ended up fighting, leading to nasty cuts and wounds. So i decided to split them up in separate cages, switching the cages between them each day. I realized that the fighting was mainly due to territory reasons so i made sure that they saw each other frequently out side of the cage. And they seemed to get on well. Anyway, now that Crash is alone I feel that he needs to have another degu to spend his time with. I understand that male degus are hard to introduce to another male degu. However is this the same story with a male pup? I am thinking of buying a new, male pup as it would be easier to tame and I understand that it easier to introduce a pup to an adult. But when it grows up, will the pup try to be 'the alpha degu' and start to fight? I don't really want a female degu because I don't want to start breeding degus and i don't want Crash to go through any unnecessary operations.

What would be the best thing to do? Any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks,
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I responded to your PM, as I saw that first :).
lol ok :) thanks for your help
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