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Okay so I have decided to take in the ten year old female chinchilla within the next couple weeks and if I end up having to keep them separated permanently I am prepared to do so, but I have a question.
I have done a lot of reading about introducing chinchillas and the methods by which to do it, but I am wondering, if I bring Holly home and put her into the bottom portion of my ferret nation cage (that can be divided) that Alfred now inhabits, will it ruin my chances of ever introducing them.

Here was my game plan, sorry about the rambling:
Bring her home and keep her in the bottom of the cage and make it so they cannot even see eachother yet through the bars of the dividing ladder. This would let them get used to the scent of eachother without any confrontation or pregancy for the time being and would give me a chance to continue researching the neutering issue so as not to rush into it, and also for the recuperation period of about a month after his surgery. But would this make Alfred angry toward her since he views it as his territory and destroy my chances of them ever getting along?

I have been thinking about it alot and I need other opinions than my own. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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