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Hello. I'm Rose, also known as owned by 4 cats. LOL. I have 2 females that are sisters and 2 males that were both rescued. The oldest name's Mikey, he was rescued from getting euthanized by the previous owners because they didn't want him anymore. (Horrible isn't it to want to kill a living, breathing thing just because you don't want it anymore?) The youngest cat, the other male, name is Vel. He's actually the baby because he only has 3 legs. He was rescued from the middle of the highway almost 11 years ago. Don't know if he was thrown from a vehicle or just ran over but his leg sure wasn't attached anymore when we got him into the car. The 2 females, like I said previously, are sisters. The larger one's name is Lursa and her sister's name is Dutchess. They are all great cats and look forward to sharing information with everyone.
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Hi and welcome! Actually people wanting to kill their pets when they no longer want them is quite common to "save them from the horrors of a lonely death in a shelter" and "nobody will be able to care from him like I did" and whatever lame excuse.. I'm so glad you have Mikey now :) What an angel you are to him.

Poor Vel! Was it a hard recovery? Is it normal now?? I've pet cats with post breaks and they were lumpy :/ Congrats on your kitties!!

Have a look around the forum, post wherever... After 20 posts you can upload pictures of your brood :)
Welcome to Paw-Talk! :)
Hello Rose and welcome to you, Mikey, Vel, Lursa and Dutchess!
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