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Hey everyone, I've been on paw-talk for a long long time, mostly in the rodent forums, but for the last 2 years I've been a parrot owner so I want to get to know this forum too. And I want you to get to know me and my kids. I did post here one time before I think on a semi-emergency basis, but didn't have time to make proper intros.

So I'm Kara, aka luvboyrats (which I do). I live in TN with a husband two dogs two parrots three geckos and four rats. And as much as we have going on, I have to say the parrots are definitely in charge most of the time!

I have Athena, a white capped pionus who (lucky me) has recently hit puberty. She's still a pretty good kid and has more good days than bad though. She is very dignified for the most part and doesn't want to be silly or messy. She loves showers and having people sing to her and millet spray. She imitates big smackaroo bugs bunny kisses and my obnoxious donkey laugh.

I also have Zephyr, a white bellied caique who is about a year old.
Everyone talks about how mean and unpredictable they are but soo far he's a real love bug. I'm sure we can expect more from him when he hits puberty as well though, arrggghh! Darn this birdie puberty to heck!! When is someone going to invent a safe and cost effective way to neuter parrots?

Anyway, Zephyr eats everything and loves everyone. He hangs upside down and gets himself stuck in odd positions and has no trouble looking or acting like a big dork. He doesn't do much screaming like people say caiques do, but he chatters constantly, mostly saying "woo" in various tones. He'll let you touch him anywhere and loves to be rubbed or scritched. You can hold him upside down like a baby and he'll literally go to anyone, never met a stranger. He is learning to talk now. He also gives kisses. He does a very clear wolf whistle. And he says "right now" just like me. That's something I say in a very urgent tone through my teeth when the dogs aren't listening to me. Zephyr says it just the same way. It seems to be a plea for attention with him.

Anyway, that's me and my kids. I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I hope to get to know some of you!
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