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Devon shows her face. Aggie does the Harlem Shake

Not too shabby for a 30 month old! :D

Go for it! Jump! I gotcher tail! Do IT!

You can call me Flower if you want to. I don't mind.

Turn and burn!

Treat me.

Yeah Darce?
Humans have really big butts...
Yes. Yes they do.
And they get weird about our tails....

Darcy angling for kisses.

Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss...

...Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss...


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Oooohhhh!! Yay, photos! Your girls are ADORABLE...sigh and melt....sooo cute!

Aggs looks like such a doll in that "Flower" photo...what a pose! Story, your girls are just lovely ladies, really. They look so small and dainty compared to our two big fat boys. :lol:

Loved the photos, thank you kindly! Send your girls my love! :heart:
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