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So ive heard lots about how to take care of chinchillas but virtually nothing about what its like to own one. How messy are they? Are they a hassle as ferrets seem to be? How much attention do they need? What kind of bad habits do they have? In what ways is it fun/ rewarding to own a chinchilla? We are looking for a pet that we can love, and i will be having a a baby this august so prefferably not a mean animal. I will not be allowing my baby to hold or really play with the chinchilla as i realize any small animals arent really good for kids to play with but if my baby sticks her hand in its cage will it bite her? We are kind of a nocturnal family so a nocturnal animal would be great for us please let me know anything about these animals before i purchase one. Any funny/ horrific stories good/ bad chinchilla experiences are appreceiated!
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