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Hey, I recently bought a two pet mice from the markets. One seems so active and settled in just fine and so did the other one although it's not active at all! It doesn't like to be woken up and even sleeps through the night (when they're meant to be lost active).
The one that sleeps also sneezed a lot more than the other mice usually would. I don't know if this is because I have 1/2 part wood shaving as their bedding? The other one doesn't seem to be responding badly at all. The one that sneezes and is sleepy doesn't look sick (it's eyes aren't watery, and it's coat looks clean and tidy). Another thing that sucks is that I cannot find a vet near me that handles animals as small as mice. So that unfortunately isn't an option.
I was just curious to what you guys might think its wrong? Whether it might just be its personality, bedding or something much more serious.
Also I thought that they would be a killer to tame (because of the place I had bought them) but they already freely walk into my hand after 5 days of having them so I don't think they were kept in poor conditions if that helps with any ideas.
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