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Hey there. Welcome aboard. :) We can give some general advice, but you'd get much better advice from your breeder mentor. Reputable breeders have a non-breeding good faith clause that pet owners sign unless they are mentoring you and have given permission to breed. This is of course to help insure that the rats they produce and their progeny go to good homes, and don't end up in bad situations down the line. As well it helps them keep track of their lines so they know both how they fair for breeding purposes and cutting down on irresponsible breeding.

She is likely pregnant, so cautioning you against breeding before you knowledgeable is too late, but since you are breeding, I'll be happy to share some basic 101 for raising a litter.

Here's a link to "The Virtual Mentor":

And here are several links that will help you educate yourself as you go:

Also under breeding ethics:

Article on Rat Breeding Ethics:
Tragedy of Free To A Good Home (this is about dogs, but easily can be applied to any pet animal):
General Breakdown of Emotional and Financial Cost of Ethical/Unethical Breeding:
A Specific Breakdown of Financial Cost of Breeding (some things are possibly questionable like suggesting dog food as appropriate food, but overall it gives you a good idea of what to expect.) :

Breeding 101's:

Rattery Red Flag List:

This is from Blackwolf Rattery, and is a great info guide on what to look for in ethical ratteries vs. not so ethical. I like this because it's very practical, straightforward, and not overly sentimental:


Genetics 101:
Rat Varieties:

Health issues to consider w/ breeding (or why knowing health history is important):


Rat Health Guide:


Best of luck, and I do hope you are able to find quality homes for your resulting litter. It can be quite a challenge.
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