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  There might be ogres and giants under the stairs,--but, as I tell Hannah, there MIGHT be elves and fairies and enchanted frogs!--Is there a main street to the village, like that in Wareham?""I s'pose you might call it a main street, an'

  your aunt Sawyer lives on it,oil paintings but there ain't nostores nor mills, an' it's an awful one-horsevillage! You have to go 'cross the river an' get onto our side if you want to see anything goin' on.""I'm almost sorry," she sighed, "because itwould be so grand to drive down a real main street,sitting high up like this behind two splendid horses,oil painting for sale with my pink sunshade up, and everybody in townwondering who the bunch of lilacs and the hairtrunk belongs to. It would be just like the beautifullady in the parade. Last summer the circuscame to Temperance, and they had a procession inthe morning. Mother let us all walk in and wheelMira in the baby carriage, because we couldn'tafford to go to the circus in the afternoon. Andthere were lovely horses and animals in cages, and clowns on horseback; and at the very end came alittle red and gold chariot drawn by two ponies, andin it, sitting on a velvet cushion, was the snakecharmer, all dressed in satin and spangles. canvas oil painting She wasso beautiful beyond compare, Mr. Cobb, that youhad to swallow lumps in your throat when youlooked at her, and little cold feelings crept up anddown your back. Don't you know how I mean?

  Didn't you ever see anybody that made you feellike that?"Mr. Cobb was more distinctly uncomfortable atthis moment than he had been at any one timeduring the eventful morning,oil painting reproduction but he evaded thepoint dexterously by saying, "There ain't no harm,as I can see, in our makin' the grand entry in thebiggest style we can. I'll take the whip out, setup straight, an' drive fast; you hold your bo'quetin your lap, an' open your little red parasol, an'

  we'll jest make the natives stare!"The child's face was radiant for a moment, butthe glow faded just as quickly as she said, "I forgot--mother put me inside, and maybe she'd wantme to be there when I got to aunt Mirandy's.
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