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I have two boys, Sebastian and Simon. I've had Sebastian for a little over a year, and Simon since April. Seeing as they weren't intended to be pets, I don't know exactly how old they are, but I'm guessing Sebby is a little over a year old, and Simon is probably about six months.

When I introduced Simon to Seb, all was fine. Seb is very laid back, easy going. A major squirmer when it comes to being held, but very lovable. Very trusting (which is quite remarkable given how I came to have him). Very docile. He was up and about all the time. Simon was skittish, and did nothing but hide in a corner for the first few weeks I had him. But they got along well. I couldn't have asked for an easier introduction. They slept next to each other and played well.

But about a month and a half after I got Simon, they were fighting. And I thought it was Sebastian picking on Simon because he's much bigger. I looked up some things and it seemed to me that they were just playing, not actually fighting. But then there was squeaking and wrestling and noise at all hours; I couldn't get any sleep. But they seemed to be okay. I didn't notice anything weird because they were still sleeping next to each other, so that just reinforced to me that it wasn't serious fighting.

Then about two weeks ago, I found blood all over the cage shelves, and I went into a panic. Turns out it was Simon causing all the problems, as Sebastian's tail was bleeding, and he had scabs on his back and missing tufts of hair, while Simon was as silky smooth as ever. I felt like the worst owner in the world, but these are my first rats. I took care of Sebastian, thanks to help from the Internet, and kept him separated from Simon. He's fine. Doesn't seem to really care.

They're still separated, and I want to get Simon neutered. He's just way too aggressive. I tried putting him back in the big cage with Sebastian and the fighting started again not 20 minutes later. I was keeping watch to make sure and I was not happy.

Is there an age where neutering them is not viable? As rodents, I know they age very quickly in comparison to even dogs and cats, so I want to make sure. Also, is there about an average cost? I just want to be able to put my boys back in one cage again. I know Simon has got cabin fever, being stuck in one of those starter cages, but this is the only option for now.

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As long as the health is good you can neuter up to any age. I have neutered up to 2 years of age. The boys became hormonally aggressive when around new rats.

Your Simon needs a neuter it sounds like. And 7.5 months is about the time it can become a real problem as you found out.
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