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Is there help out there.....?

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Hey guys,

So real quick.. I lost my job due to a car accident. Didnt like the job anyway.. but like most people I need money to live. So now I am behind the 8 ball and I cant afford a MUCH needed vet visit for my baby Greyson. She has developed a tumor like under her left arm/side/belly. It grew so fast. Anyway I cant afford the vet bill right now.. I probably can in about 3 weeks.. but im scared she may not last that long. So here is my question. Do you think there are places out there, vets, humane society, spca that help low income pets get the medical attention they need? Or anything.. im desperate. Any advise would be helpful.. Thanks..

And here are a few pics of Greyson, the white & light tanish girl.. who now is about 9 months.

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Cute pics but we need to see the lump under her armpit. It sounds like a very early mammary big is it?

Normally mammary tumours grow slowly but don't bother the rat until it is very large and starts to suck the resources/nutrients from the rats blood stream. Then your rat loses weigh or the tumour affects her mobility. Its best to remove them when small but even bigger ones can be removed later. Malignancies on he other hand have their own nasty agenda and some can grow very quickly and are difficult to remove (which is why we need more description and pics)...Is the tumour fleshy and softish, or hard and firm? Can you get your fingers most of the way around it or is it firmly attached?
have you tried calling around to diffrnent vets ? some vets will do a payment plan.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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