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Hi guys,

I'm supposed to take ny 2.5-year-old rat to the vet in a few days for a dental procedure + a potential x-ray regarding a swollen abscess on his cheek.

The vet suggested gas anesthesia as opposed to regular and told me this is fairly safe, he's in a good weight range and quite active still, and that there shouldn't be an issue but when looking it up online I can only find contradictory statements.

I'm starting to get anxious over this as he's fine as it is (just doesn't eat solid food properly anymore) and don't want to take him there for something to happen and lead to death when he can have a couple of more months to live.

The vet also gave him medications for 5 days (27th would be the last day on meds, the 30th I'm supposed to take him for the intervention). He's on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds

Any advice would be helpful, I just can't feel at ease with this at his age I guess
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