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It's my Birthday!!!

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YAY its my birthday!!!I'm 14 teen now (or at lunch,because I'm a lunch baby)Its also 2 others too - my best friend who is exactly a year older than my and ....... KIWI,who is turning 8 or 9 I'm not sure everyone keeps telling my I have her age wrong. (We don't actually know her exact birth date as the guy we got her from gave us the wrong age)

I celebrated with my family yesterday. We went to some place down in the Market, that was fun.

Its just me,my mom and dad and brother today. And Kiwi and Kibbles and the rest.

Kiwi so far has gotten a new harness from my mom and me,and Ceasers dog treats from my Uncle.And she will be getting a tennis ball wrapped in raw hide stuff and and I'm going to be making her a cake.I don't think she knows its her birthday yet.:):D
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happy birthday
happy birthday!!! :)
Happy Birthday! It's so neat to share a birthday with a pet :D Pet birthdays are so fun! Have a great day
I share my birthday with my new baby jird =].. shes 6 weeks old now . bless her
Sorry I am a day late with this! I missed getting on the computer yesterday. I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful year! Happy Birthday!
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Hey! We were only born 3 days apart! hee hee.
Thanks everyone.
Binky- I love that picture

I got a new camera so be really for alot of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday to you and your friends!
Happy Birthday!! :D
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