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Its Springtime!

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The grass may not be green yet, the roads are still fluffy with dirt and debris left over from exhaust ridden snow, the winds are still nippy but great news guys, ITS SPRINGTIME!!! :elmo::elephant::bundance::spot::jump::woohoo::tramp::headspin::yipee:

*ahem* [Compose yourself woman!]

Anyway, so although Coco's morning walks are limited down to a 5 minute walk around the block we stop daily into O'Brien Park at the bottom of Signal Hill. It's a small park and Coco, god bless his cotton socks, is such a spud he can be off leash there providing its just me and him (and Matt sometimes). If I clap my hands he will not run away, hand clapping is his scary noise in the house which puts him into a panic but outside I find it effective to call him. It doesn't scare him either ^^

So the other morning I remembered to take my phone, my coat pockets are bottomless now so I never take anything on walks, because Coco has been posing everyday for me. I just love him!! So here's what I took :) Enjoy!

And my favorite...
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Aw he's so cute! He looks like he's really enjoying his outside time :)

I know Kitsune has been having a ball playing outside now that it's starting to warm up again.
He likes to roll around here by the anchor and sit in the sun. He doesn't do too much playing and running anymore. Usually on nice days like this he'll come home and wanna go straight out into the backyard!! The yard is huuuuge and not fenced in and he somehow manages to get his rope stuck on small tufts of grass but overall, when its nice enough for me to sit out with him he'll stay out for hours. Gotta soak up all that VitD!!

Aww, you need to put up more pictures and possibly videos of Kit!
Those are really great pictures,my favorite is the last one too.
That's both my fb profile pic and my screensaver on my phone :0 I'll have that one blown up someday or paint it. It might be my favorite of all pictures, that's like hundreds and hundreds of pictures!!! lol
Aww, he's so cute and happy looking! He looks so handome in the last picture!

LOL, my dog's version of an outside expedition (besides his walks) is sitting on a chair on my porch, and creeping on whoever walks by. He's not a very outdoorsy dog. :rolleyes:
HAHA!! That's still cute of little Chuey, he knows what he likes :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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