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Jigglypuff :c

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Jigglypuff aka Jiggles aka Doodles aka Little Do aka SpiderJiggly

October 2010- Sept. 4, 2011

She was my best little pal. Always a bit smaller than any RC i've had, Jiggles was always full of energy. She would stand up at her cage door and ask out nightly, and sometimes she'd sing (chirp) to me.

She would even chirp to let me know where she was hiding sometimes when she would escape. She never bit, unless there was a good reason :) And sometimes she'd give a little nibble to communicate with me (like "put me down" or "i know you have a treat now give it to me!")

She loved millet the best and sunflower seeds second best. Her favorite leafy green was spinach and broccoli. She also loved shredded cheese and the occasional mealworms!

Jiggles' favorite was when she had her critter trail sit on a mushroom chair, that left a small space in between the bottom of the CT and the seat of the chair for her to hide in. She would burrow into her blankey and down under her house.. where she would unload her seeds and hide and nap for hours- i knew where she was and let her sleep in her fav place :) She also loved running on the coffee table and hiding in her purple vacation igloo (see video of her chirping above).

She would get a couple extra seeds when she chilled in vacation igloo, and when she was stuffed full, she'd run back to her CT or underneath it to unload :) she was quite a little hoarder.

Unfortunately Jiggles came down with diabetes as many RC's do- the sugar and molassas content in the food I offered her was too high and she got sick. She lost her youthful "chub" and started drinking a lot of water, and urinating frequently.

She didnt lose her spirit though! She was ill with diabetes for 2 months without any major complications. She would still ask for out, have the occasional chirp, and love her mommy :) I can see her face looking out of her cage door "what are you up to?" or her sitting on the edge of the mushroom chair looking at me until I reached over and picked her up :)

The end came quickly as she was put on new medication, and wasn't improving much. She and Panda got new homes which may have stressed her out... She went downhill in a matter of 2 hours from looking happy and sleeping, to looking deathly and limp.

I was able to take her to the vet 20 minutes before they closed for the long weekend, and she had an obstruction in her abdomen. The pressure was so great the vet had to use a needle to relieve pressure. He then told me she had to stay in the hospital for the weekend, and what it would cost. It was going to cost a fortune, but I made the decision to put her in the best hands possible.

The vet left me with her for 5 minutes and I just held her.. she knew it was me, and was peaceful. He then took her in the back with her igloo and her wheel in case she wanted to find something familiar.

Sunday morning, Sept 4, Dr. Ness called me to inform me that she did not make it through the night. I asked that she be cremated and spread on their cemetary out back where I can visit her anytime I want.

I love you Jiggles, and it is because of you that I will never let this happen to any Who ever in the future. I will be a good mommy and I will never forget you my little chirping sweet thing.

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