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Johari - April 2011 – April 24, 2012

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The girls had been pinkie producers for their seems the blue hooded gal was older and filled out a bit more, but she was still teeny at 206 grams. Her beige and white friend was teeny, skinny and just seems like her growth has been stunted from being bred back to back as a baby. She was only 161 grams. The beige hoodie was defensive biting and nipping as we were trying to get her out, but once I got her upstairs, and gave him some kisses and cuddles, she hasn't nipped or even thought of it since. The "bad mother" blue hoodie was very soft and very sweet, and just wanted to be loved. I named her Johari, which was Swahili for “jewel” and she was.

Right away I discovered what a doll she was…she was here 1 day and I would reach into the cage, and she would run over and hunker down for pats.

Johari and Naira were both taken in for their e-spays as they had been gaining weight, but sadly we lost Naira after she was prepped but before the surgery. Johari did just fine during hers and she had been pregnant so the timing was good.

She recovered from her spay and her sister’s loss and her real personality came out. This girl was amazing! She cuddled, played, took care of others, she really was a doll.

Johari and Loki moved in with Medici, and Galileo 2 older boys, and then Rufus joined them a bit later on. They were such a happy family.

April 7, 2012 – typical Johari, bounce, run, play, climb…be very happy.

Fast forward a week, I come home from a visit to my Mom’s to Johari with a severe head tilt and really not feeling well. I treated the inner ear infection, but something wasn’t right, then I found the lump under her ear, and behind her jaw, and under her jawline. I ended up misaligning her jaw/teeth. The last week of her life was pretty good she thought. She became a coddled bed rat, and really loved it. Sadly it grew very fast until I was just keeping the pain at bay.

I am upset, and angry…I was meant to save this girl from a terrible life, I lose her sister right away so how can I lose Johari to this terrible thing at only ONE year of age?

Another testament to what BYB’s and mill breeding is doing to our wonderful rats…taking them from us when their life has barely started.

Yesterday morning, she looks so bright still…sigh. Naira must’ve been calling her to come so I had to let her go.

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Oh, I am so sorry Lilspaz....and also angry here are right, it never seems fair sometimes, does it. Dammit, those BYBs and snake people....:mad2:

Johari was a beautiful soul, and such a sweet doll. I wanted to give her kisses right on the computer screen when I saw her. All I can do is to be grateful for any joy and love she received from you before her sister decided to call her to come home.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest, sweet Johari, you deserve it so much.... and I know you are so happy right now to see your sister. You ARE a jewel, and you will be very missed by us. Fly free sweet pea.
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