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Join Us and Get a Free Pet Makeover Kit

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Give your pet a fabulous makeover at home. Sign up for our free newsletter now,* and receive a Fabulous Pet Makeover Kit** with Hartz® products and coupons for your dog, cat, small animal or bird.

Then every month after that, you can look forward to our newsletter, filled with expert pet advice, special offers and more savings.

* Offer valid for new registrants only. Offer void to anyone who has already received a Fabulous Pet Makeover Kit. One per household. Offer good only in the U.S.

** While supplies last. Contents of the kits may vary.

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:( i signed my mom and myself up a while ago, and she got hers about 3 wks ago now and mine still never arrived!
I got my kit for small animals and it was really cool. It had yogurt treats and trail mix. I think I'm going to use some of the coupons too! :D
im still awaiting mine. tick tock,do do do do do do do(jeopardy timer)lol j/k i need a life!
Do ya think it would have valuable coupons for a sugar glider owner? Doesnt seem like they sell many things for the lil sugarbutts in the store, lol?
I just signed up and I'm looking forward to my kit!
I'm not sure. :( I haven't received mine yet. Although its only been five days, but I'll let you know when I get mine.
I did that a long time ago and havent recieved mine yet :(
Trickiesmurf said:
How long does it take to come in the mail?
I ordered mine back in february, and still don't have it. I don't think it's coming. darn
wow that is a long time!

Is there a number to call? If not I would probably try again.
I dunno if it will... maybe we should ask Christi?
That's weird, I got mine in like two weeks. Perhaps they are out of them?
It does say while supplies last. It would be nice of them to send something saying they are out though. A small form that says sorry you're too late. At least that way we'd know.

Or maybe even an email saying we're out. That way there is no cost involved.
its free, least i think it is i didnt give any credit card numbers or anything so i am not to terribly worried
YAY!!! I just received mine in the mail today!!! I got a chew thingy and samples of 3 shampoos!!!
YAY maybe they are not out after all!

How long did it take to get it?
I dont even remember how long it has been since I signed up. I know I had given up and thought I would get it and I was soo excited to finally get something in the mail!!! It has been well over a month since I signed up I am pretty sure.
I haven't received my package yet. Maybe its still coming... not sure... but I just had to remark. Everytime I see this thread it says "Join us and get a free pet" Well of course I'm always up for a new pet!!!
I cannot either I get a Error...
21 - 40 of 45 Posts
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