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Hi, I'm Rachel. Brand new. I'm 21, live in California. Going to college, blah blah blah. Boring stuff.

I joined because I was led here by a search for what to do about a rat chewing holes in his cage. But I liked what I saw, so I decided to join. :) Seemed like a good idea anyway, because I'm a new rat owner so I have a lot of questions and I spend a fair amount of time searching online for answers.

So obviously, I have a rat. Two, actually: Sebastian and Simon. I also have three dogs, two cats, and a snake. The snake is how I came to have rats in the first place. I wanted a small/medium-sized rodent, and was thinking about getting one for over a year. I wanted a ferret, but they're a pain in the butt to get to California. And my snake eats rats. Except he wouldn't eat one. And I got attached to it. I cleaned the terrarium he was kept in and held him and gave him food. So after many fruitless attempts by my brother and step dad to feed the rat to our snake, I kept him despite my step dad's hatred of rodents, but especially rats. That was just over a year ago. Then the same thing happened a few months ago. So now I have two boys that I love and am trying to take care of well. But I'm still learning. People get intense about their rats, and this is all new to me. It's daunting. Who knew rats were such work? But I learn quickly.

My eldest dog is 11, that's her in my picture. She's gotten crotchety in her old age (we recently got a Boxer puppy and she only just tolerates him, but he gets in her face...well, everyone's face, really). But she is my favorite, I have to say. In a fire, I would save her over my brother.

I'm mostly here to learn about ratties and talk to people with more experience in owning them, since I'm the sole caretaker of them while my whole family looks after the dogs, cats, and snake. But I'm a nice person and I like talking to lots of people. :)

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Welcome! Hope you stick around
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