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Even with the increased use of email and the Internet, people are still doing business by phone. In many businesses, phone sales are simply the best way to get in the door, introduce a product, or classify a new prospect. While we have all been told to ‘smile and dial’ or ‘dial for dollars’, the following tips add some meat to those bones and will help you increase your productivity and boost your conversion rate.
Who Are You Calling?Many businesses buy lists of people to call thinking that just ‘getting out there’ is the best way to generate business. However, for most established businesses – and indeed, many start-ups – the best way to get new business is to ask your current clients/contacts for referrals. After all, they already know your work.
Good people know good people. Call clients already served, check in on them, remind them of the types of services you have to offer (the pitch), and gently ask them to “keep us in mind if someone you know could use the level of service we have to offer”. And of course, let them know “if there is anything we can do for you in the future, please give us a call”.
Value Your Product or ServiceSelling by phone is tough. Remember, for most service businesses you are getting in the door with your call,moncler pas cher, not sealing the deal. However, we often feel such pressure to prove ourselves we begin hawking discounts and specials and promises just to earn the right to offer a bid. Use these methods sparingly, if at all. Be confident that if the prospect will “just give you the time to evaluate/analyze/review/etc, you are confident they will be pleased with what you can do for them.” Don’t sell your product short.
Yes, make it as easy on the prospect as possible to meet or provide a quote. However, you have something of value and “people value what they pay for, and pay for what they value”. Leading with discounts cheapens your product and can come across as desperate. Stand firm. Value your product. Which leads us to…
Know Your PitchThis may seem trite, but know what you are going to say before you make the call. What is your goal for the call? Are you putting a bug in their ear so you are top of mind should a potential referral come across the caller’s path? Are you promoting a particular service or new product? Are you just checking in? Are you calling to follow up on an estimate?Knowing your goal will help you get in and get out. Knowing your pitch will help you sound confident and prepared.
Many sales people write a mini-script with just the main points for each type of call they make just so they can remind themselves to stay on task and ask the critical questions. Who wants to make an hour of calls and find they accomplished nothing but an hour of chit chat?
The Power HourChoose a time and a place in which you can make your calls without distraction. Set a timer for a set amount of time, not to exceed 50 minutes. Make your calls. Turn off the computer screen. Let incoming calls go to voicemail. Wait for a snack. Simply make calls.
When the timer goes off. Stop.
You may have more than one Power Hour a day. With some businesses it works well to try prospects in the morning and in the evening. Try not to plan for more than four power hours in a day. Keep yourself fresh, focused, and motivated to come back and hit it again the next day by breaking when the timer goes off, no matter what. You deserve it.
The End of the Call is Just the BeginningFollow up your calls with a note of thanks, especially if they referred someone to you. If you offered them an incentive, include it with the note or letter and send it out immediately.
If you choose to pre-print a thank you card, you should, at the very least, hand sign the note,moncler. Adding a personal, hand-written note to a typed letter is also a nice touch.
If you made any other promises of service, resources, networking, etc., KEEP YOUR PROMISE. Nothing says good business like following through. Integrity breeds integrity. Let it start with you!
If your business is reliant on the Internet - let's face it, which businesses aren't today - then you'll know the value of a reliable and fast broadband connection. When your broadband becomes sluggish, efficiency can fall and work levels slip. This of course costs you money and time; so what is the solution?
Well, you can of course try to get your broadband provider to increase your bandwidth; but this won't guarantee a complete eradication of down-time and slow periods during times of high volume. Then there's the option to invest in a leased line.
What is a Leased Line?
Essentially it is where you have your own unique connection,doudoune moncler. Whilst most broadband is shared across thousands of other subscribers, your leased line comes directly from the source.
Whilst there's often nothing wrong with sharing your Internet connection, when the service becomes overstretched your bandwidth provision can slip. If the bandwidth does lower, then your business will be stuck with decreased speed and possible down time issues.
This is all basically a dilution effect, where multiple channels from a single source can drain the strength and speed that the hub can provide. If you can eliminate this entirely,Jordan Homme, then you should be able to experience super-fast broadband and limited downtime.
So what are the Benefits?
Well, efficiency is certainly a key benefit. Businesses thrive on having the right tools for staff to be able to carry out their duties effectively. In the modern environment one of the most important, certainly in the office environment, is the Internet. Therefore, making sure that each member of your team has fast, uninterrupted access is vital.
Also, if something does go wrong, you won't have to talk with dozens of representatives before finally getting an answer. As leased lines come from a single source, you always have the ability to go straight to your provider, identify the problem and you will often be dealt with as a priority. This means that whenever an issue does arise (day or night) somebody should be on hand to provide swift assistance.
The line will also often come with its own inbuilt security, ensuring that any potentially damaging entities can't get into your system and that your data remains secure,air jordan 3.5. With the increased concerns about online safety and the more advanced ways that hackers are able to obtain information or create havoc, this high level of protection can provide real peace of mind.
Costs should be easier to manage too. You'll pay a set fee for the actual leasing of your line each month and that is it. All other fees should be bundled into this single payment and you shouldn't be stung if you use more bandwidth in a particular month. There's no issue with upgrades, added security paying for repairs or even installation.
All in all, the leased line is the perfect solution for any business that lives and dies by its broadband connection. If you demand high speeds, no downtime and constantly accessible maintenance for your service then nothing really comes close.
Of course there is a cost attached to all of this connectivity,The North Face, but most large businesses would see it as one well worth paying. Whilst we might want to take Internet providers at face value over how much bandwidth we'll receive, there are rarely any guarantees on a shared line. When you use a leased line though, you are master of your own online destiny.
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