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Just adopted leopard geckos, have some questions!

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Hey guys! I just adopted two leopard geckos (mom and daughter) ages two and three. I had done some previous research and the people who I got them from we're not taking care of them properly. They are in a 29 gal tank with a heating pad under one side. It has three rocks and a shallow water dish.

(Apparently I can't post pics until I've posted five times... Once I figure out a way around it ill post a link to the pics)

Now for the questions! The daughters tail isn't as big as the moms, granted the daughter is smaller anyways, but still she doesn't seem to have a fat tail like the mom, is this an issue?
I also switched their substrate out (there was a mangy old carpet in their tank) for a layer of calcium sand with natural slate tiles, is this an appropriate substrate?
The only thing they had eaten before was dead mealworms, could this have hurt their health? I put gut fed calcium covered small crickets in the tank with them and they didn't quite know what to do with them (though I do believe the mom might have eaten one).
They have some dead skin built up around their toes, will keeping one of their hides humid be enough to solve that or do I need to go ahead and take it off myself? (I don't want to scare them after I just got them)
And last one! I also have a cap of calcium in the tank. Between the calcium substrate, calcium covered crickets and cap, is that too much calcium? (It has no D3 in it)

Thanks guys!! Any answers or tips would be highly appreciated! I want to be great home for them!

Also do they need UVB light bulbs? And how do you check the temp of the ground where the heating pad is?
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Here's pics :)
Might want to try working them up the the crickets, if you get some meal worms (coat them in the calcium powder) and put a dish of them in thats a good start. I have a gecko with vision problems and she cant catch crickets worth a **** but she gets the mealies after 4-5 tries lol
From what i know dead meal worms arent a good food source =( so that could have effected their health. Tail size isnt everything, once they get eating good healthy foods they should be alright. And if your really worried about too much calcium you could try a different substrate, i use 2 layers of paper towels that i change out 1-2 times a week and spot clean when they go do the bathroom.
If the old skin is still around their toes after a few days of going into the hide i would try (if they will let you pick them up and not panic) taking some tweezers and give a piece a gentle tug, if its just loosly stuck on it should jsut come right off, if you pull and it doesnt budge dont try to pull it off. They normally remove it themselves but if its stuck i would consider doing something like taking a dish of warm water (like 80 degrees) thats just deep enough for their toes to be covered and set them in it, they wont like it but itll help soften the old skin so it will come off. Ive had to do that for my boy before =( he has a habit of staying out of the humid hide when he sheds so his skin doesnt want to come off and has even torn before because he tried to pull his old skin off when it wasnt still stuck.
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Feeding your gecko a mealworm is ok as this reduces the amount of chitin and increases the nutritional value can also try Dubia roaches, silkworms or cricket and locusts.
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