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Just wanted to introduce myself

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Hello there. I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. :wavey: I currently have 7 ratties. I started with 2 from a pet store on July 4 where they were feeder rats. I got 2 females.. well, one was pregnant and 23 days later, I had 10 baby rats. I had found homes for some of them and right before they became fuzzy, I realized they had mites. I didn't do enough research and gave all the rats Ivermectin. I woke up the next day to a few dead rat babies and more died within the day, totaling 6. The 4 that were left all made it and are doing well now. I had to give them formula and nurse them back to health, but am so thankful for them. They're wonderful. So I now have the 2 original girls from the pet store, 2 baby boys and 2 baby girls who are now 2 months and I also have a hairless who was bought for me when the babies passed because I was such a mess over what a stupid mistake I made. I'm happy to have the ones that I have and can't believe what an impact they've made on me. They're all my little loveys.
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Welcome to the forum. :) What a horrible experience you've had. Thank you for sharing this with us – hopefully other rat and other pet owners will read your post and be forewarned, and all that you and your ratties have gone through won't have been in vain.

Through sharing our experiences, both bad and good, we can all learn from each other. Again, a warm welcome to you. :)
Welcome aboard MissRattie. Bless you, it looks like you have stumbled through enough of a bad luck cautionary tale to last you your entire rat owning experience. We'll cross our fingers that this is it for you. I know that's been tough.

We look forward to seeing pics of your horde when you get the post count. Yay. And let us know if you have any questions as you go along. We can't promise we'll know the answers but we'll cheer you on as you work through things. :)
Welcome MissRattie!
We here at the forum all understand the love you have for your little darlings. Aren't they just wonderful?? Hope to see you here as a regular member, and like Storyseeker said, we can try to help you along as best we can, even when we don't know all the answers! :wavey:
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