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Kelly and Jill both came to me in February with some severe respiratory problems. I took in Jill, Kelly and Sabrina their mom, to medicate, while Chelle and Graham were away. I fell in love with the 2 girls (Sabrina really didn’t have any bonded interest in her daughters) and we realized their respiratory issues were going to need careful managing, so Chelle kindly let them stay with me. Jill took a very short time to become a real sweetheart but Kelly had her own opinion on matters…as always. She went her own way and sometimes that would coincide with mine, but not that often LOLOL

She started by not really wanting to interact with me, but had to if she wanted to see her sister. Once she realized her sister liked/trusted me, she slowly and grudglngly let me in…a little. :p

Jill adored and cared for little Hope. They met when there was a downturn in Hope’s health, so she cuddled and licked her and Hope loved her back. Kelly tolerated Hope for the most part but really was rather rude to all other rats, and poor Tepeu got pinned regularly, which she took with grace and only some shrieking…hahaha.
Over time Kelly mellowed with me, little by little, but was never a cuddly girl. As one of the overnighters her routine occasionally if she thought I was being slow at getting up was giving a sharp nip to some part of my anatomy to “get up and get my breakfast!”.

She was introduced to Linnea who was also rude to rats but she and Kelly had some “thing” going on, and would sit across from each other glaring…Kelly used to beat down Linnea and make her run (only scratches) until she started not doing as well, and Linnea became the winner. Weirdly enough, the two of them came to a strange truce and became the best of friends, and were often found sleeping together, whereas originally they kept to separate sides of the room, and woe the rat that crossed that invisible line!

Then Kelly developed some tumours, they stayed small and then started to Poor love. With her lungs and with some recent events I just couldn’t face the surgeries, and the possibility of losing her, so I let it go. She was a very happy active girl even with her sidecars…she got everywhere she wanted to go, still ran around, and bossed around LOL.

About 3-4 weeks ago, I woke up at about 4:30 am. Kelly was beside me on the bed, and she was in full-blown respiratory attack. She knew to come find me to "fix her". I ran for the dex injections and then held her through it.

Once it eased (20 mins) then she was off again, without a look back. I was very glad she came to find me though :)
On Wednesday night I noticed a slight frantic edge to her behavior that was new, and it concerned me. It was still there on Thursday morning, so I took that as my sign to take her in for the final journey.
I get to the clinic and Elyssa asks me if I want a bit of time with her, so Kelly lets me cuddle and kiss her, and stroke her, and she gave me a final gift…she bruxxed and boggled for the first time for me for about 10 minutes before I handed her over. Tears flowed down my cheeks but they were almost happy tears.


Kelly, Jill and sick little Hope

Someone found a great spot for a nap

Someone’s getting a bit of a time out

By the way, Kelly is the Pip's mom…they are so much more like Aunt Jill :p You can see the wary look on her face

Kelly relaxed and comfortable stuffed in beside her former Nemesis, Linnea

Not quite done yet Mom

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