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Kitten feeding schedule! HALP!

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I have asked this question many many times but I really need a solid answer I can understand.

I have two five ALMOST six month old kittens. They've had all of their shots, they're healthy, they're going in Friday to get fixed. But I'm still having trouble with something and that is their feeding schedule!

I feed them both wet food and dry food. I've been breaking it up into half a can each of wet food in the morning, accompanied by a little bit of dry food after, and then a scoop of dry food at night.

I noticed one of my kittens is getting kinda chunky. The other one, who isn't getting fat, plays all day by himself. He can entertain himself for hours. The one who is getting fat doesn't really play much. If I engage him, he'll play for a little bit, but mostly he just sleeps and cuddles (I'm not complaining).

Well so the reason I'm asking rather frantically tonight is because today I came home and I found that they have gotten on top of my shelves, knocked over a loaf of bread, tore it open, and ate a good amount of it.

Does this indicate that they're not being fed enough and were hungry? This was my first thought. But then I thought maybe they were just bored? I don't know! But then I fed them tonight, I gave them a scoop of dry food like normal, and then I decided to give them more just to see if they'd eat more, and they did of course.

I've read many times that kittens don't overeat. They eat as much as they need to in order to feel full and then they're done. I have not been much of a believer in this, since I've never known a cat who doesn't overeat. Every cat I've ever known will eat as much as is in front of them until the point of vomiting. Maybe not every, but a lot of cats I know are like that.

So I just assume I'll feed them good food, I give them Wellness Kitten formula, both wet and dry food, and I break it up into two feeding times (four times a day is too much for me since I am away 12 hours during the day most days).

Is it not enough? What should my portions be! What have other people done that has worked? I need some advice, some very clear advice, I've googled this many times and aside from labels from kitten food (which I am not sure I trust since of course they want people to feed their cats more since that means that they will buy more food $$$$), I want to hear real world opinions from real cat owners. What works? Do your kittens/cats overeat? What do you suggest?

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my cats have free feed they get a can split between the two in the morning and then a can at night again split between the two and durning the day they have there food thats dry out till we get home they also have water. i have never had an issue with cats that over eat. although i have read about some older cats that do. as for food what is the first ingredient in your food ? often cats and dogs have food thats said to make for them isnt the bed iv heard great things about blue buffalo food although iv never personally tried it with my cats. if your worried about him being over weight you could bring them both to the vet for a check up, it cant hurt to do this, do they both have there own food bowls ? For me moe eats on the table but kimik will only eat on the floor, kimik is thin and female but just the right size and moe is a male and little bigger, kimik has more energy then moe but there both perfectly healthy . Also be warned after fixing it is normal if they gain some weight :) you should talk to your vet about what would be best for your cats.
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I've heard a good feeding rule is put down some food, and whatever they don't eat after 15 minutes, take it away until the next feeding time.

I personally don't leave out any food during the night, or while we're out. I figure then they're eating out of boredom.
Unlike a dog, or horse, your cat will stop eating once satiated (full). Unless it has a thyroid type problem that puts it at rsk for weight gain, I would just leave a good dry cat food out for it at all times, do not let it go empty. The cat will usually nibble at it throughout the day. If you want to add a little wet food at times to mix it up that is fine. A kitten needs special food until a certain age so the above protocol is just for adult cats.

I am not a vet or a cat dietician but this is what I was told, and have done this for all of my cats. They have all lived long and healthy lives.

Best of luck to you and your Kitties! Cy
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