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We rescued a 4 mos old kitten (the vet thinks 4-5 mos old) last weekend. She has been doing great until Thurs she had diarreha all day. Had to change her litter box three times. It was really runny - mostly water almost.

She didn't eat all her b/f and has not gone since about 6pm last night (it is now 11:00am).

Any ideas on what to do? This is my first cat so I am in unfamiliar territory!

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Please take your kitten to the vet right away. Kittens go downhill fast. They get dangerously dehydrated and the organs shut down.

I agree, she probably needs to be dewormed, but there are other things that may be wrong too.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new little one. Please keep us posted on her.
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